Series version of the BMW i3 unveiled simultaneously worldwide Reithofer: BMW i3 is a great leap forward BMW i3 sets new benchmark for sustainable mobility Already more than 90,000 requests for test drives.


New York, London, Beijing. The BMW Group debuted the series version of its innovative electric vehicle, the BMW i3, simultaneously in New York, London and Beijing on Monday. “Innovation drives change. The i3 is more than just a car. It’s a revolutionary step towards sustainable mobility. It is purpose-built around an electric power train to serve the needs of our megacity customers,” said Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Norbert Reithofer, at the world premiere in New York on Monday.


The BMW i3 – the BMW Group’s first pure electric series-produced model – has the same sporting genes as every BMW and is characterised by sheer driving pleasure. Sustainability is a priority throughout the entire BMW i3 value chain: “The BMW i3 sets a new benchmark for sustainable mobility in all stages of development and production, as well as aftersales,” said Friedrich Eichiner, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Finance, at the unveiling of the BMW i3 in Beijing.


Range of 130 to 160 kilometres generally quite sufficient


The vehicle achieves a range of 130 to 160 kilometres. The BMW Group’s experience with test fleets of MINI E and BMW ActiveE cars has shown that a range of 130 to 160 km is quite sufficient for the vast majority of drivers. The average distance driven daily worldwide is no more than 64 km.


If desired, the BMW i3 is also available with a range-extender, which maintains the charge of the lithium-ion battery at a constant level enroute, as soon as it falls below a specified value. This is performed by a two-cylinder gasoline engine with 34 hp (25 kW), mounted adjacent to the electric motor above the rear axle. The range extender increases the car’s maximum range in day-to-day driving to around 300 kilometres.


Low running costs and strong global interest


The BMW i3 will be released in Germany and other European markets in November 2013. The market launch of the BMW i3 in USA, China, Japan and several other markets will take place in the first half of 2014. The base price for the BMW i3 has been set at 34,950 Euros in Germany. If customers opt to purchase the Range Extender as an extra, the price in Germany will amount to 39,450 Euros.


The vehicle’s running costs are comparatively low: Over a period of three years, the maintenance and running costs for a BMW i3 are about 40% lower than those of a highly-economical 320dA registered in Germany. In other countries, figures may even be lower, depending on the level of subsidies available for electric vehicles.


Public interest in the BMW i3 and BMW i overall is extremely high and the response has been very positive: BMW i already has more than 1.2 million fans worldwide on Facebook, and more than 90,000 people have already requested a test-drive with the BMW i3.


BMW i3 sets a new benchmark in lightweight construction


The BMW i3 features a large number of technological innovations – such as a carbon- fibre passenger cell and a chassis made of aluminium – and sets new standards in the field of lightweight construction. With a curb weight of 1,195 kilogrammes, it is lighter than most vehicles in the compact segment, yet offers significantly more space for up to four occupants.


Its low weight contributes to the agility and dynamic performance of the BMW i3. The car’s electric drive-train generates output of 125 kW/170 hp and peak torque of 250 Newton metres, which is immediately available from a standing start. The BMW i3 sprints from 0 to 60 km/h in 3.7 seconds and from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 150 km/h for efficiency reasons.


Sustainability throughout the value chain


Sustainability plays a vital role for the BMW Group. For example, the electricity needed for production of the BMW i3 at the Leipzig plant is generated from wind power. In addition to its CO2-free electricity supply, the plant also uses 50% less energy and 70% less water than the average for the already highly-efficient BMW production network.


Sale of BMW i vehicles via multi-channel sales model


BMW i products and services will be marketed through a multi-channel sales model, comprising authorised retail partners (BMW i agents), a multimedia Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) and an online sales platform. All sales channels will be fully integrated and customers will be able to choose their own individual customer journey. Customers can easily switch between all four channels.


With the introduction of the new online sales channel, BMW is responding to changed customer behaviour. Customers want new possibilities in how they inform themselves about products and how they purchase them. BMW i Partners will be the backbone of the BMW i sales network and the main contact point for the customer.


With its holistic „360 ° ELECTRIC“ approach, BMW i provides the customer with an extensive product and service offer designed to meet the driver’s needs. “We will support our BMW i3 customers with a comprehensive package of premium services for seamless and uncomplicated “sheer driving pleasure”, explained Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW, at the BMW i3 launch in London.


Global market for electric vehicles likely to exceed 150,000 vehicles in 2013


The global market for electric vehicles is showing positive development: After almost 93,000 electric vehicles were registered worldwide last year, a total of 150,000 units is already forecast for the current year.


Photos of the BMW i3 and the world premiere are available in our PressClub at www.press.bmwgroup.com.

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BMW i electric cars set to retail in Singapore in 2014.


Singapore – BMW Asia today announced Performance Motors Ltd (PML) as the sole authorised dealership in Singapore for BMW i – the latest BMW sub-brand for its electric cars.


Two BMW i cars have been confirmed for production, the fully-electric BMW i3 megacity vehicle and the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 sports car. The former is due to go on sale in Singapore by mid 2014.


With this appointment, PML will be equipped with specialist technical abilities that will enable them to carry out repairs to the BMW i vehicles’ high voltage batteries. A wider service network is also planned to offer extended coverage for the general service, maintenance and repair of the vehicles.


“As the most sustainable car brand in the world, BMW has always been clear on its strategy to build cars that are powerful yet fuel efficient and low on CO2 emissions. With the arrival of BMW i, we have most definitely taken this effort to a new level by setting new benchmarks across the industry,” said Mr Neil Fiorentinos, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia. “Through the appointment of Performance Motors Ltd as our official BMW i dealer in Singapore, we are confident that they will be able to grow the sub-brand to greater heights when the BMW i3 starts retailing locally in Singapore next year.”


“Performance Motors has been representing BMW for over three decades and we have grown in tandem with the remarkable development of the brand in Singapore. The appointment as official BMW i dealer has a deeper and richer significance for us. It signifies the trust BMW places in Performance Motors to grow and develop one of the most exciting chapters in BMW’s fabled history – the launch of the BMW i brand. We are very excited to embark on this new adventure in our partnership with BMW,” said Mr Say Kwee Neng, Managing Director of Performance Motors Limited.


Unlike conventional electric cars that are usually modified from existing on-road models to simply include an electric car battery, BMW i vehicles are purpose-built electric cars drawn from scratch. Designed with a unique LifeDrive architecture, the main body (Life Module) of the BMW i cars is made of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic that is not only extremely light but tougher than steel. This is the same material that is widely used on Formula One racing cars and fighter jets.


The aluminium chassis (Drive Module), meanwhile, has been devised specially to house the bulky battery to ensure better driving dynamics and overall balance. By doing so, BMW i cars are able to bear the sustainable characteristics of an electric car whilst not having to compromise on the sheer driving pleasure that a BMW is renowned for.


Apart from just retailing electric vehicles, BMW i will encompass a range of premium services for mobility poised at optimising the use of parking spaces, recharging infrastructure, ‘smart’ navigation systems, intermodal route planning and access to other BMW vehicles on an ‘on- demand’ basis.


In line with the impending arrival of BMW i cars in Singapore in 2014, BMW Asia and PML will be previewing the BMW i Concept Cars from 24-25 August 2013 to the public in Singapore with no admission charges. More information is available as below.


Event Listing


BMW i: The Future of Mobility


Singapore Showcase 2013


Prior to the official launch of the BMW i cars in Singapore in 2014, members of the public can catch a sneak preview of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 Concept cars from 24-25 August 2013 with free admission. To be held at the open area in front of ION Orchard, the BMW i Space will feature the two futuristic BMW i cars, as well as exhibits explaining the technological wizardry that powers them.


About BMW i The BMW i is a new sub-brand of BMW that focuses on the production of purpose-built electric cars targeted for megacity usage. It was derived from Project i, a BMW Group think tank that was set up to explore and develop sustainable, pioneering mobility solutions since
2007. To deepen the knowledge of how electric cars are used on an everyday basis, BMW Group even conducted field tests with a fleet of more than 600 MINI E cars and over 1,000 BMW ActiveE vehicles.


Through the study, BMW is able to better understand the daily operational challenges faced by an electric car driver and his mobility pattern. BMW i eventually previewed in the shape of the futuristic-looking BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept.


BMW i3 – Dynamic, Compact, Emission-Free


The BMW i3 is an uncompromisingly sustainable vehicle designed for urban areas. Driven purely by electric power and purpose-built to meet demands of sustainable and emission-free mobility, it embodies an intelligent form of urban transportation and commuting.


BMW i3 is set to be a well-resolved all-round megacity vehicle, with every detail conceived and optimisesd to fulfill its eventual purpose. Central to its design is the innovative LifeDrive architecture, the key to the BMW i3’s appeal a light, safe and spacious car. Innovative use of materials and intelligent lightweight design not only enable the BMW i3 to travel long distances on a single charge and provide superb safety in the event of a collision, they also help give the car its excellent driving dynamics. The secure arrangement of the battery in the Drive module gives the vehicle a very low centre of gravity and optimum weight distribution.

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